Bi-monthly Activity Report

The team of Thalassa of Solidarity concluded in the month of December the creative integration courses in our social lab (sewing, computer literacy, English and Greek language courses) for 42 asylum seekers and refugees and we have started in January new courses for 50 new and old students!

We have continued the distributions -of more than 2 tons monthly- of food and hygiene kits for more than 30 households (more than 140 individuals) along with other in-kind support. For the holiday season we have also distributed gifts and extra support to the children families of our students. We have also sent much needed items to the residents of the earthquake hit areas in our region.

We have provided information, accompaniment and counseling to more than 30 persons for their legal, asylum, administrative and access to health issues and challenges.

All the above become possible with the contribution of more than 20 volunteers -some members of the migrant community itself-, with the individual in-kind and financial donations and the generous support of the team of Choose Love that have provided us with the grant to sustain our activities and distributions.

We would like also to thank Αντικρουστοί for their excellent street performance for our cause, Humanity Now: Direct Refugee Relief that help us to buy goods for our distributions, Cosmos Sport for their donation of athletic shoes and clothing, and Γιατροί Χωρίς Σύνορα (MSF) for the donation of masks and disinfectants we use in our courses and distributions.

We currently started to prepare a “survival map” for access to social and humanitarian services in our city funded by the Active citizens fund Greece operated in Greece by @Bodosakis Foundation and SolidarityNow.

The needs of refugees in our city are many as most of are unemployed, feel neglected and forgotten, cannot cover the essentials and live in very precarious housing but politics keep them in a constant dependency and stress. We will continue to lobby locally as well as trying to convince municipal, regional authorities, international organisations and others to enable projects and funds to support common local activities. We will also continue to contest the inhuman deterrence policies at national and European level.

Thank you for helping us making it happen and for your continuous support!

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