We are open!

Our doors in Θάλασσα Αλληλεγγύης – Thalassa of Solidarity are open again with a new weekly timetable, respecting all the existing measures (use of face masks and gloves when necessary, distancing, washing hands, cleaning the lab, up to 4 persons maximum at any given time into the lab, etc.)!

Tuesday 10.00-1.00
Wednesday 6.00 – 8.30
Thursday 10.00-1.00
Every second Saturday (starting from 16th of May) : 1.00 – 3.00

You can always contact us via our facebook page and send us an email at info@thalassa-solidarity.org

For the moment we are running our own Fabric Facemask Project!

* If you want a mask, come and visit us and we can make one together, with a small contribution for the running costs of the workshop, or by donating sewing materials (cotton fabrics, threads, elastic bands, etc.)

** a number of masks will be given to cover the needs of those who are in need and cannot afford it.

*** Extra project: after communication with the Housing program for asylum seekers in Crete, #Estia, trainees and beneficiaries will learn how to make fabric face masks that will be given to the families of the program and wherever else there is a need!

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