Suspension of courses due to COVID-19 lockdown measures


DUE to the new COVID-19 lockdown measures our courses are being postponed until the end of November.


HOWEVER we are in constant communication with our students and friends and we provide them online information and assistance.


IN CASE extra needs in food and essential supplies will arise, a new call for support and donations will be shared.


OUR SEWING laboratory will still be able to provide sewing work and repairs, cloth masks, with symbolic fees, to support our lab.


YOU CAN communicate with us by sending a message in our fb page or an email at


KIND REMINDER: our Lab is supported by solidarity actions and voluntary contributions only! How you can help:


Volunteer your time, skills and expertise to the sewing lab and the seminars we are preparing

Provide equipment for the office, hardware and consumable for the sewing lab and other in kind donations that will help us to jump start our initiative!

Donate any amount you wish to be able to cover part of the running expenses of the sewing lab and for the other activities at the following bank account: Alpha Bank Acc. Holder: Thalassa of Solidarity AMKEBIC: CRBAGRAAIBAN: GR2601406640664002002015824 We keep on helping each other!

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