Happy Birthday Thalassa of Solidarity!

Two years ago, a need blossomed an idea and Thalassa of Solidarity became a reality! Despite the adversities, we have created a community of people who live, learn, share and dream together!

Preparing for the resumption of our classes, this weekend we completed a round of support to the families of our trainees –and to homeless refugees- by distributing food and NFI kits, with the contribution of the Choose Love team.

What we encounter every time is a reality that as a society we must not tolerate. But we met hope and many smiles!

We thank Rena, Naya, Petra, Antonis, Nikos, Christophoros, Magda, Katerina, Ahmed, Amin, Ben, Andreas, Christina, Anne, Cyril, the organisations Choose Love, Refugee 4 Refugees, Doctors withour Borders and all those who helped with this action!

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