World Refugees Day

If we were to ask the refugees in our city today what “World Refugees Day” means, they would answer, uncertainty, lack of information and opportunities, unemployment and precarious housing, which further adds to the traumatic experiences they already carry from the place they left and the long journey of the refugee.

Photo by Michalis Fotiadis: Somewhere off the coast of Libya, the sun set in a desired destination, in the middle the Mediterranean, a sea that hides dangers, drowns hopes. But the sun and hopes rise every day.

Unfortunately, every day is the day of the refugee, woman, man, child.

They are not invisible, they live in our neighborhoods, the children are in our schools, they participate in a society like all of us.

With impoverishment, unemployment, indifference and the “lack” of resources, political will and fear of the Other, the Different.

On such a day, and every day, let us make ourselves visible.

Let’s start by say good morning in our neighborhood, in our schools, in our workplaces to all these people who have come here seeking asylum and protection, because they have left their homes and neighborhoods, out of fear, persecution, misery, poverty, lack of access to basic rights.

Ans let’s struggle with them for a better, participatory, colorful, fair society.

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