None should be left behind!

We have completed on last Saturday the second cycle of distribution of basic food and hygiene kits to 25 households mainly our students. This was made possible with the help of the Choose Love team and many of you with the contribution of products, time and solidarity!

Through our daily contact with families of refugees and migrants, but also individuals, we discover once again that the asylum process, the generalized deterrence policies and "integration" through well-publicized “charity” programs, only bring more stress and misery to the people we meet, adults and especially minors, impacting their mental health.
The situation is no better for people who have already been recognized as refugees. Every day we receive new requests for help from individuals, families, organizations and even authorities. Every day we are asked for legal support, information, escort to hospitals and services, baby milk, food and items of daily use. Something that, as they witnessing to us and from our own observations, is not actually provided by the competent institutions and authorities. 

We are all judged by the result.

Keeping hundreds of people in insecurity, unemployment, only in the poorest sections of society, without real information, accompaniment, language and vocational training programs, shows that there is no plan or political will. 

Here at Thalassa of ​​Solidarity, with our given capabilities and the support of all of you, we believe in practical solidarity and mutual aid, without having any financial support from state and international agencies. 

And we continue our fight together!
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