what we do

We have started in October 2019 the Amalab, a sewing workshop to transmit knowledge and cultivate skills that will help the subsequent step of the participants in the labor market and will help their integration and socialization.

We have also started computer and English language courses and are planning information, counseling and empowerment seminars on the Greek reality and human rights.

All courses and seminars are free of charge and are based on solidarity actions and voluntary participation.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, our courses have been postponed following the hygienic measures in place and we have focused on strengthening our community of trainees and other people in need with food and hygienic items and NFI along with information at various levels with financial and in kind assistance and donations by private donors and civil organizations.

“Our main goal is to create and develop relationships that will help our society evolve into a society of solidarity, mutual education, respect for diversity, creative coexistence and hope for the future”