Suspension of courses due to COVID-19 lockdown measures


DUE to the new COVID-19 lockdown measures our courses are being postponed until the end of November.


HOWEVER we are in constant communication with our students and friends and we provide them online information and assistance.


IN CASE extra needs in food and essential supplies will arise, a new call for support and donations will be shared.


OUR SEWING laboratory will still be able to provide sewing work and repairs, cloth masks, with symbolic fees, to support our lab.


YOU CAN communicate with us by sending a message in our fb page or an email at


KIND REMINDER: our Lab is supported by solidarity actions and voluntary contributions only! How you can help:


Volunteer your time, skills and expertise to the sewing lab and the seminars we are preparing

Provide equipment for the office, hardware and consumable for the sewing lab and other in kind donations that will help us to jump start our initiative!

Donate any amount you wish to be able to cover part of the running expenses of the sewing lab and for the other activities at the following bank account: Alpha Bank Acc. Holder: Thalassa of Solidarity AMKEBIC: CRBAGRAAIBAN: GR2601406640664002002015824 We keep on helping each other!

Festive Day of Thalassa’s of Solidarity Social Laboratory!

As we complete our first cycle of operation of our social laboratory at Thalassa of Solidarity and as we are taking our summer break until September, we organize a festive day on Friday the 24th of July.
From 12.00 at noon until 8 in the evening, we invite you to the backyard of the Social Space of Kalokairinos Foundation (Monis Agkarathou Str & Kosma Zotou Str, entrance by the side pavement)

Browse the exhibition of Handicrafts made in our sewing workshop, be informed about our classes of basic computer skills and English language for adults, and also:

  • at 5 pm students/friends will present hairstyles from different countries of Africa,
  • at 6 am will follow a children’s clay workshop with Maria from Terra Mia Ceramic Art, where the children will create the “hands of solidarity”

Workshops and social inclusion initiatives such as ours in Thalassa of Solidarity, remain active due to the love of the people and their participation in solidarity actions!

We will be happy to see you in our Festive Day, even with the necessary hygienic limitations!

The team of Thalassa of Solidarity

* Workshops are for free, however due to the COVID-19, hygiene measures are necessary. The use of mask is recommended.
**During the event we collect food and other essential items for the Social Grocery of Kalokairinos Foundation! 

Ιn a generalized financial crisis that touches all of us, the answer of the state should be solidarity and well planned activities, without leaving anyone without protection. Something that we don’t see it is the case.

We join our voices with this initiative too and we express our grave concern about the forthcoming eviction of 8,300 recognized refugees from the accommodation projects in Greece.

We are open!

Our doors in Θάλασσα Αλληλεγγύης – Thalassa of Solidarity are open again with a new weekly timetable, respecting all the existing measures (use of face masks and gloves when necessary, distancing, washing hands, cleaning the lab, up to 4 persons maximum at any given time into the lab, etc.)!


Monday 19.00-21.00 Tuesday 10.00-13.00
Wednesday 19.00 – 21.00
Thursday 10.00-13.00
Every second Saturday : 13.00 – 15.00

You can always contact us via our facebook page Facebook and send us an email at info@thalassa-solidarity

For the moment we are running our own Fabric Facemask Project!

* If you want a mask, come and visit us and we can make one together, with a small contribution for the running costs of the workshop, or by donating sewing materials (cotton fabrics, threads, elastic bands, etc.)

** a number of masks will be given to cover the needs of those who are in need and cannot afford it.

*** Extra project: after communication with the Housing program for asylum seekers in Crete, #Estia, trainees and beneficiaries will learn how to make fabric face masks that will be given to the families of the program and wherever else there is a need!

No One is Alone!

We have started today at Thalassa of Solidarity the distribution of basic food stuffs, fruits and veggies, cleaning and personal hygiene items to families that are starting to face serious problems of access to basic commodities.

We are in touch with our students, the migrant communities and solidarity groups to monitor needs and distribute wherever needed.

We will soon let you know about these needs and how you could contribute, if needed, bearing always in mind the measures in place to break the transmission chains of the COVID-19 virus.


Due to the urgent measures for the protection of all of us from the coronavirus (COVID-19), Θάλασσα Αλληλεγγύης – Thalassa of Solidarity will remain closed from the 11th of March 2020. Health is the most important issue for students, volunteers, all of us!

You can communicate with us via email at and visit our pages at Facebook @ThalassaSolidarity and Instagram @ThalassaSolidarity for updates but also to check our handicrafts!

And if you would like to have some, let us know!

Let’s not forget the refugees here in Heraklion, Crete but also at the camps around Greece; the migrant workers; and all those around us that they are having less access to information or do not have the capacity and the means to protect and sustain themselves and their loved ones!

We live, learn, work, dream, take care, stay health, together!

Update on courses!

Our new multicultural, solidarity sewing courses are full!!
Thank you all for the registrations!

All those who are pending are going to be informed for our next sewing workshops !!


Our 💻⌨️🖱 Computer Literacy and 📚👩‍🎓 English Lessons are ready to kick off next week!

Places are covered but please contact us in case we have a stand-by list!